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Tesla Hatchbag Boot Liner

Are you looking to keep your Tesla car boot clean and tidy? Then Hatchbag's tailored Tesla boot liners could be the soloution for your Tesla car boot, as they will keep all dirt at bay from your car boot interior. 

All our boot liners are made from reinforced PVC and are available in seven colours; black, grey, brown, orange, pink, blue and red. 

The bespoke Tesla boot liners are perfect in protecting your car boot from dogs, dirt, prams, golf clubs, fishing equipment and more. Plus, you can add a number of extras to your boot liner to suit you and your family needs including:

  • Bumper flap - which attaches to the end of the liner and flaps over the bumper. 
  • Seat flap - which attaches to the top of the liner and flaps over the headrests.
  • Tailgate cover - which attaches to the inside of the car boot door. 

Whatever you need a Tesla boot liner for, Hatchbag will have a solution for you.