The Science of the Car Trunk

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‘The Science of the Car Trunk’, you’ve got to be kidding! A trunk is a trunk, nothing to it! Right?

Not so fast!

Let’s start with the obvious: Car manufacturers bring out new models every year, update existing ranges and modify vehicles to be electric. So, the first step is to identify the year of your car, particularly if there was a change for the year in which your car has been registered. In that case you must verify the shape of your loading area, checking if it has the new or old shape. And don’t forget to count your seats: A vehicle with 5 seats has a totally different boot shape then a 7-seater with the third row folded down.

If your vehicle is fully electric, a plugin hybrid or a self-charging hybrid, chances are that the cargo space looks slightly different compared to a combustion engine car, because the batteries are usually housed under the cargo space floor.

Now that we have established the basics, let’s get down to the details: There are load covers, dog guards, D-rings, recesses, plastic dividers, storage nets and bars, spare wheels or space saver wheels, foam inserts, speakers and rear seats & liftgates that can be manual or electric. And don’t get me started on floors! Fixed or variable, high, middle, or low, left in or removed.

Now multiply all of the above and you have an infinite number of possibilities.

Luckily, if you are buying a cargo liner from the The Hatchbag Company, all the work has been done for you! All you need to do is to select your vehicle and follow the easy step by step process to select your product. Info sheets, provided for every vehicle, will help you to identify the options, just compare the images with your cargo space.

Once you have selected the correct cargo liner, you can be reassured that it will fit your car like a glove and that it will give many years of protection.

Have a look now: Cargo Liner from the Hatchbag Company

Hatchbag, the Perfect Xmas Gift

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A “Portable Campfire”, a “Morse Code Bracelet”, a “Pizza Socks Box”, a “Woodcut Memory Game” and a “3D Moon Lamp” are all popular Xmas gifts this year!

Even if you are not looking for something unusual or if the lucky recipient is one of those people who are impossible to find a gift for, spotting an appropriate present can be difficult. A good approach in situations like these is to go for something practical, something that adds value and is long lasting.

A fully tailor made cargo liner, available for many car makes and models could be just what you have been looking for. The PVC trunk protector comes in a range of colors and fits the loading space like a glove, providing complete protection for pet owners, contractors or sports enthusiasts.

It is simple to select the correct product online, just go to The Hatchbag Company. The order process is an easy-to-follow step by step process and there are handy guides to identify the year of the car and the options for the cargo space, if necessary.

A cargo liner from the The Hatchbag Company is useful for dirty hiking boots after a late fall walk, wet or muddy sports equipment, or even to take the Xmas tree to the recycling centre when the festivities are over. Dog owners will particularly appreciate it all year round.

A cargo liner as Xmas gift is sure to be valued, treasured, and shows that you care!

Halloween 2021

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It’s that time of year again, when children pick their favourite costume, everybody stocks up on sweets, and scary stories are told…

Halloween is originally a Celtic custom, originating mostly from Ireland, was then popularized in America, and transformed into a more child friendly event. Over the last few decades, it has become widely celebrated in Europe and thus coming almost full circle.

Today it’s a hugely anticipated event, when the little ones get to dress up, eat their favourite candy and play the odd prank or two. Costumes are available from all the popular animation films, well known fairy tale characters and all the scary creatures that roam the night. Elsa and Anna from Frozen are perfect for two sisters, Spiderman and Superman are always top of the list for boys and Zombies, Skeletons, Mummies, Monsters, Witches and Wizards are ideal for a fright.

Obviously, a pumpkin is also part of the tradition, and these days many farms put on special events, where you can pick and carve a big vegetable. Make sure you bring your wellington boots, rain gear and maybe even a flask with a hot drink. It’s autumn and sure to be cold and muddy. Also consider to provide some protection for your cargo space to get it all home without creating too much mess in the car.

A general cargo mat, cargo area protector or an improvised blanket might do for light use and dust. For mud, dirt, damp or wet items and things that might touch the sides of your loading space, you need some better protection, such as a custom-made cargo liner, individually crafted for your vehicle. That way the entire trunk space is covered, and with additional extras, you can also shield the inside of your lift gate, the top of your rear seats, the fender and even the entire loading space with rear seats folded, if an extension is added.

If you wish to get yourself a great solution to protect your cargo area visit our cargo liners page:

Amongst all the fun, food and frolicking let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of Halloween or any other tradition for that matter: it’s a perfect reason to get together, be it with family, friends or just some acquaintances. It’s a good time to catch up and have a good chat about what has been going on and what the future might bring.

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Cutting Openings into the Cargo Liner

The liner and optional extras completely cover my cargo area and do not have any openings in them, what can I do if I need openings?

In your cargo area, there are “D” rings behind the backseats or luggage points which you need to access, or maybe your trunk contains a side light, a speaker or a 12-volt battery socket and other accessories you would like to use. There may be times when you aren’t taking your four-legged friend with you, and you would like to use the cargo compartment cover.

So, here is where you ask yourself: I found a cargo liner for my car, but it doesn't have these openings, why is that and what can I do about it?

Why don't we include openings in our cargo liners for all vehicle models?

The reason we don't include openings in all our cargo liners is that the majority of our customers want their cargo area to be completely covered and protected with no holes in the liner. In addition, the positioning of the side light may change from year to year, even in the same vehicle. This change may only be as minute as a 1/16-inch difference, but that difference is enough to prevent the cargo liner from fitting perfectly.

So, what can I do?

We try to keep the openings in our liners to a minimum so you can carefully modify the liner yourself. However, NEVER cut the bindings or ANY sewn seam.

How can I cut an opening in the cargo liner?


1. First, follow the installation instructions and fully install your cargo liner.[NE1] 

2. Mark the cloth 

  • Identify the shape you want to cut
  • Using a grease pencil, carefully trace the contour of the shape
  • Remove the cargo liner / cover

3. Cut the cloth

  • With a sharp blade, carefully cut the hole
  • It is better to round off corners so that you do not create under- / [NE2] over-cuts

Re-install the cargo liner

My cargo area door has door handles, but they are covered by the liftgate cover, what can I do?

Please follow steps 2–4 above


Tip: You can use Autoglym Intensive Tar remover to wipe off the wax markings.

I have a loudspeaker / air vents in my cargo area, but, the cargo liner covers them, what can I do?


  • 1. Firstly, follow the installation instructions and complete the installation of your cargo liner.
  • 2. Mark the cloth
  • Identify the shape you wish to cut
  • Using a wax pencil carefully trace the contour of the shape
  • Remove the cargo liner / cover
  • 3. Cut the cloth
  • With a sharp blade carefully cut the hole
  • It is better to round off corners so that you do not create under/over-cut
  • Maybe you would prefer to cut multiple small holes into the liner for the speaker rather than one large cut-out-
  • 4. Re-fit the cargo liner