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If you want to keep the boot of your Lexus clean, one of our boot liners here at The Hatchbag Company could be just what you need. Our boot liners are custom made to fit the Lexus model you drive, in a range of vibrant colour options to match exactly what you need. Here at the Hatchbag Company, we aim at protecting the interior of your Lexus car. We appreciate and value your car as we would our own. You will get the ideal protection for your Lexus model, with our design experts offering a range of high-end options guaranteed to protect and maintain the great appearance of your car.

It’s easy to find the boot liner to suit your needs by following the simple steps which you can see on this page.

  • Choose the model and the year it was made
  • Select the colour you want
  • Pick which boot liner you would like (Standard, Rear Plus with Split Seat, Rear Plus without Split Seat)
  • Choose from the optional extras available (Bumper Flap, Rear Seat Flap, Tailgate Cover and Hatchbag Car Mats)

Our array of optional accessories is available for various models of Lexus, with access to the Rear Plus (both with and without split seat), a Bumper Flap, a Hatchbag Car Mat and a Tailgate Cover among others. For more detail about the range of optional extras we have on offer in our range, able to be combined with our boot liners for added flexibility and protection, you can click here. Our boot liners are designed to fit, protect, give a sleek look and offer the flexibility you would desire from your boot. Our items offer you a chance to use your boot for a range of activities that would make it dirty, without having to worry about lasting damage or smell. Our PVC-made boot liners can be wiped clean easily, giving you peace of mind with every use. Any potential for dirt or damp to cause long-term damage to your car is massively reduced by the quality Lexus boot liners we can offer you. All of our custom boot liners are made using reinforced PVC that is built to provide years of superior quality and great style. Their look, is maintained by a design that makes it easy to get rid of stains, odours and save you money and time on cleaning. This makes for an easier and more durable experience than inferior alternatives.

If you would want to know more about our elite selection of Lexus boot liners, available in a range of colours, you can contact us by phone or email or fill out a website enquiry form which we'll get back to. For clients who already know their choice and are ready to purchase, you can start by selecting your Lexus model from our list. After that, follow the simple steps on the checkout system of our website to place an order. Once you’ve selected all of the key information on your order, we’ll make a boot liner that is tailor-made to fit your Lexus. We assure quick delivery of a boot liner that fits your car model exactly and gives lasting protection for many years.