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Are you fed up with cleaning up your vehicle’s cargo area over and over again? Can't stand that lingering smell? We have just the fit for you.

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Why Choose Hatchbag?

Here at the Hatchbag Company, our cargo liners are the ideal answer to the needs of car owners everywhere. Each and every one of our cargo liners is designed and manufactured to fully protect your car’s trunk and fit the needs of an active lifestyle, where your cargo area is used for a variety of different purposes. We understand the balance between wanting to get the most out of your car but also protect it.

Custom Fit Every time

While some cargo liners and car cargo mats come only in generic sizes, in reality, you need a much more custom fit to match your cargo area’s exact dimensions and shape. The options we offer at the Hatchbag Company are all designed and manufactured with a focus on quality, style and functionality, designed to look great in your trunk and keep your cargo area fully protected.

Our custom trunk protectors provide a tailor-made second skin for your cargo area. Handmade in Britain from tough and durable materials with a wipe clean finish, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Our selection of cargo covers are designed to keep your vehicle’s luggage area as fresh and clean as the day it left the showroom, with a range of options and mats to make sure it does exactly what you need it to.

Great for Dogs

We are familiar with the excitement of taking your dog for a walk in the outdoors or heading out to a big sporting event, but the other end of those events can often bring a lot of smell and mess. While it’s relatively easy to give your dog a bath, wash your sports clothes or jump in the shower yourself, protecting your car's trunk from lasting damage requires a bit more thought.

Add Accessories

In addition to our high-quality range of cargo liners and custom trunk protectors, we offer a range of accessories that do even more to protect your car and keep it looking great. Items such as our rear seat flaps, bumper flaps and liftgate covers each offer the same quality and thoughtful design as our trunk covers, giving your car even more constant protection.

Quality Products – Quality Team

Overall, you won’t find a more comprehensive and high-quality range of trunk protectors anywhere on the US market. Our consistent level of innovation and quality has made the Hatchbag Company one of the most respected names in our industry, with cargo liners and trunk mats that are unrivaled in their variety and effectiveness. When it comes to finding the right trunk protector, we’re your ideal fit.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team here at the Hatchbag Company, and any of our crew would be happy to discuss your exact trunk protector needs and help you find the right fit. Each of our team members has the expertise and insight to help direct you towards the best cargo cover and accessories to provide the ideal quality fit for your car.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

For now, feel free to take a look at our range of cargo liners and accessories and find your exact manufacturer and model fit. If your particular car is not on our list, we may be adding it soon. Please feel free to contact us and ask if this is the case, or if any other items in our range offer a closely compatible fit. Don't miss out on the only British-made fully tailored cargo liner!