Boot Buddy vs Hatchbag: which one is right for you?

Boot liners can drastically improve the cleanliness and appearance of your boot. However, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which boot liner is best for you. A lot of our potential customers have questions about our product in comparison to Boot Buddy?s liner. Whilst both products are quality liners, each have different qualities which will suit different tastes and needs. To help your purchasing decision, we?ve outlined the main similarities and differences of each.

This guide will include the following:

Boot Buddy vs. Hatchbag: A summary


Boot Buddy Versaliner



  • Rigid, boxy shape.
  • The liners are different sizes to fit different models, but don?t mould into the shape of your boot precisely.
  • Some customers say there is room for debris to get in down the sides of the liner.
  • Fits the exact contour of your boot.
  • Makes the most of the space and ensuring boot lights, plugs etc. are still accessible.
  • Every part of the boot is fully protected.


  • Self-supporting, secured with some Loop fastener.
  • Simply place into the boot, stick on Velcro patches and attach.
  • Similarly easy to take in and out.
  • Very quick to fit with Pre-attached Velcro attaching to felt of boot immediately.
  • Straps need to be Velcroed in some places, but this takes seconds.
  • Easy to take in and out and store if necessary.


  • Wipe-clean material means it can be cleaned in-situ.
  • Wipe-clean material means it can be cleaned in-situ with a cloth.


  • Waterproof, meaning it will offer protection for wet dogs and wet equipment.
  • Waterproof
  • The liner will prevent water seeping through from wet dogs, fishing equipment, watersports equipment etc.


  • Copolymer polypropylene, approximately 1.5mm thick.
  • The material is less flexible and not as soft.
  • Reinforced, soft PVC. The softer material makes it more comfortable for your pet.

Available colours

  • Only available in black
  • Available in seven different colours

Backseat protection

  • The panel at the back of the liner can be detached, allowing you to put in larger loads.
  • The panel will sit on top of the back seats to offer protection.
  • You can choose our Rear Plus or Rear Split options.
  • Both provide full coverage for your seats when they are folded down.


  • Very durable. The material is hard-wearing and can withstand heavy loads.
  • Incredibly durable, can withstand all sorts of loads without damage. Some customers say they would buy another just based on its durability
  • Estimated seven-year minimum lifespan. Most customers say it lasts the lifetime of the car.

Suitable for?

  • Dog owners, active lifestyles, outdoor families, sports equipment of all kinds, heavy loads.
  • Dog owners, active lifestyles, outdoor families, sports equipment of all kinds, heavy loads.


  • ?97.95+


  • ?13.95 to UK addresses
  • Free UK mainland delivery

The main similarities

  • Each liner is manufactured in the UK
  • Each design has been developed over a number of years
  • Each liner is designed for a specific model of car
  • Both designs are waterproof
  • Each liner is easy to clean
  • Each liner is durable
  • Each liner is easy to fit
  • Both designs are quality products

The main differences

Shape of the bootliners

Boot Buddy is a more rigid, boxy shape. The material is flexible enough to bend so that it?s easy to fit into the boot, but once in, it stands up as a box container for your stuff. According to users on Pet Forums, this means debris can get in between the liner and the seat. It also means that lights and plugs in your boot are blocked off and you lose some of your boot space. Style is based on personal preference however, and some may prefer the style and look of this liner.

Bootliner materials

Hatchbag is a softer material that moulds to the exact shape of your car. Every exposed area of the boot is fully protected. Dirt, debris and liquid cannot get in between the liner and the boot. This means you can place your muddy boots on the liner after walking trips without worrying about it damaging your car. Hatchbag means your boot space is maximised, as the material of the liner is softer. This means the material can easily be cut in to if you need access to your boot lights, plugs, bags or other features. The material will not snag when cutting, meaning it won?t compromise the overall performance of the product.


The Hatchbag liner features hook fastener tabs to make it secure. Since the Boot Buddy liner is a more rigid shape, all you have to do is place it in your car and you are good to go. The Hatchbag liner is also as quick to fit, however uses hook fasteners to make it secure. We also supply fitting instructions and a fitting kit with all our models, and it doesn?t take long to put a liner in place.


Travelling with a dog can often mean finding unwanted dog hairs, mud, a lingering smell and other surprises. Our Hatchbag liners prevent any water from seeping through the liner from wet dogs. As Hatchbag also has much softer material, it means road trips will be a much more comfortable experience for your dog. Cleaning is simple and straightforward, as you don?t need to remove the liner to wash it and it doesn?t need to go in the washing machine. In addition to keeping your car clean with our high-quality boot liners, we also supply a range of accessories that go even further towards protecting your car. Our odour control pet mats are quilted blankets which can absorb and eliminate dog smells.

Flexibility for different car models

Hatchbag works with a large variety of different car boots. Whereas Boot Buddy is designed in different sizes to fit different models, You can guarantee your Hatchbag will follow the contours of your boot, covering the sides and the back of the rear seats. It will mold itself to the style of your car and adjust to your exact needs. Below are some examples of the Hatchbag working on a Land Rover Discovery Sport, a Mercedes Benz A Class and BMW 5 Series.

land rover car boot mercedes benz car boot BMW 5 Series car boot

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