Mercedes Benz M Class 2012 to 2015 7 Seater (3rd row Removed)

Customize Mercedes Benz M Class 2012 to 2015 7 Seater (3rd row Removed)
HatchBag   + $247.28

Seat configuration is also required for Standard and Rear Plus, not just Split options, so we know where to put the headrest straps to hold the liner in place.

This means you will not receive a Split Liner unless you choose one in the “Select your Cargo Liner” step.

If multiple split options are shown, please choose the correct one for your car, or select "Don't know, ask me later," and we will contact you.


All Hatchbag Cargo Liners are manufactured to order. To do this, we will need some additional information about your vehicle. Please use the Product Guides below for help.

If you are not sure, don't worry! Simply select "Don't know, ask me later," and we'll contact you by e-mail before we start manufacture.

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    Made from tough, waterproof & non-absorbent fabric

    Compatible with many dog barriers and cargo area configurations

    Will last your car’s lifetime!

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    Our goal is to complete manufacture within 6-8 business days (see our terms and conditions). Order total includes shipping charges in the US and Canada. 

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