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When you have a Mazda car, whether you lease it or own it outright, you want to keep it in the best possible condition. While many of us spend time and effort keeping the cabin and exterior of our cars neat and tidy, we often neglect the boot. The accumulation of muddy pets, leisure equipment, tools, gardening gear and much more means the load space of your vehicle is extremely vulnerable to damage without adequate protection.

That’s why you need a high-quality, durable boot liner that is tailor-made for your particular Mazda model. In this guide, we’ll compare boot protection accessories from the manufacturer with custom boot liners to help you find the best protection for your vehicle’s boot space.

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Comparing manufacturer-made and custom-made boot protection







Standard materials such as rubber and carpet.

Designed to fit specific models, usually only the boot floor.

Only protects against small spills, mud, dirt and dog hair on the boot floor—not the walls or rear seats.

From £35.12.


High-quality, durable PVC that is waterproof, tough and non-absorbent.

Made-to-measure for your exact make and model so it fits flush to your whole boot area including boot walls and the back of rear seats.

Will provide maximum protection from large spills, extensive damage and the transportation of cargo, tools, sports equipment, etc.


*Custom-made information is based on Hatchbag designs. Not all custom-made products will feature these benefits.

Manufacturer-made boot protection

Mazda offer a number of boot protection accessories including trunk liners, boot mats and ‘smart folding’ boot floors, as well as cargo nets and boot organiser boxes. Since these accessories are designed for specific models, they are not all available for every Mazda model. The smart folding boot floor, for example, is only available for Mazda CX-30 models but is offered in two configurations for vehicles with or without BOSE.

The trunk liners are made from a standard rubber that is embossed with the model logo, whereas the mats are made from a velour carpet. These are designed to protect your boot floor from minor spills and are non-slip to prevent goods from rolling around when driving under standard conditions.

Trunk liner



Produced by Mazda for specific models

Standard rubber material

Some mats are reversible, with one side being carpet and the other being rubber. They can be folded out so that they cover the back of the rear seats when they are folded down.

Mats only cover the boot floor so won’t protect the back of rear seats when not folded or the boot walls when seats are folded and covered by an extender (available separately).

Often branded with the Mazda/model logo

Does not protect boot walls or the back of the rear seats

Easy to clean

Very basic design


Minimal comfort for pets


Does not contain large spills or protect from more extensive damage


Limited control of cargo/large items

Boot mat with bumper protector



Protects the bumper from scratches, dirt and muddy pet paws

Only protects the boot floor from spills and pet damage; boot walls and backs of rear seats left exposed

Designed for specific models

Velour material is difficult to clean

Branded with model logos

Very basic design

More comfortable for pets than the trunk liners

No protection against large spills and damage


Limited control for luggage, cargo and large items


No odour control

Smart folding boot floor



Foldable design that protects the boot in three ways: floor, sides and the back of the rear seats

Is not compatible with the spare tyre

Can be stored vertically on the side for access to the full boot load space and tool storage compartment

Simple and plain design

Parcel shelf can be kept beneath the folded floor

Not available for all models (CX-30 only)

Space for a tow bar ball neck provided


Custom-made boot liners

All of Hatchbag's boot liners are custom-made to fit the boot of your vehicle and are backed by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Our Mazda boot liners are designed in the UK and provide long-lasting protection against large spills, pet hair, dirt, heavy tools and general wear and tear. The liners are designed to fit flush to your boot floor, walls and the backs of your seats, and can be upgraded to include a bumper flap to keep your car looking as new as the day you bought it.

Hatchbag boot liners are available in a variety of colours and can be customised to suit your style and space requirements. Our liners are easily removable, but because of their sturdy and dirt-resistant design made from high-quality reinforced PVC, they typically only require a light wipe-down. They even have built-in odour control!



Produced to fit your Mazda perfectly—no measuring required on your part

Slightly more expensive than standard boot accessories because of the high-quality materials and custom build

Made from waterproof and non-absorbent reinforced PVC


Built-in odour control


Comfortable for pets


Number of upgrade options including Rear Plus and Rear Plus with seat Split


Available in seven colour variations


Locking straps hold the liners in place and protect the rear seats and boot walls


Range of compatible accessories available


Mazda boot liner information

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