Ford Kuga 2012 Onwards Boot Liner Fitting Instructions

Our ref: H0570 ? HIGH_MID_LOW

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False Floor sitting at its MID level



2100mm cut length 30mm wide self-adhesive loop fastener tabs

Tailgate cover

Minimum of 16 self-adhesive loop fastener tabs


To ensure a good bond, when using the self-adhesive hook & loop fasteners to attach the Bootliner to the plastic / metal trim (Not the carpet); it is most important to remove silicone film from the vehicle trim. Silicone is applied during manufacture and can also be found in many valeting products. It is highly likely there will be a build-up of silicone. Before applying any selfadhesive fastener pads, the surface MUST be thoroughly cleaned using a silicone remover. (The fasteners cannot be used once it has been in contact with silicone). We recommend "Intensive Tar Remover” made by AutoGlym and available from Halfords. Wipe off thoroughly any residue with a separate clean dry cloth. Unfortunately we are unable to supply this product, as it cannot be transported via our postal carrier.

NOTE: the adhesive takes 72hrs to reach full adhesion – do not disturb during.


  • Remove the load cover. It may be replaced later.
  • Ensure the false floor is positioned to suit your order.
  • Ensure your rear seats are either "most reclined OR most upright to suit your order.
  • Unfold the Hatchbag and place in the vehicle. The panel with the Hatchbag label will sit against the back of the rear seat.

Please note not all of the photographs are specific to your vehicle


  • Position the base snugly into place. Start behind the back of the rear seats
  • The hook fasteners welded to the reverse face of the liner will attach directly to the carpet panels.


  • Hook & loop fastener straps align to headrests.
  • Pass around each post and fasten back onto themselves.
  • The hook fastener welded to the reverse face of the liner will attach directly to the carpet panels.


You must unfasten the hook & loop fastener + the headrest straps before you recline the rear seat uppers (‘Please refer to REAR PLUS options on website to see detailed photo’)

Self-adhesive fastener positioning

Self-adhesive loop fastener onto plastic

Fastener attaches directly to the carpet


  • Carefully position the side panels snugly into place.
  • Pass the cut outs over the two plastic hooks.
  • At the tailgate end the lower fastener tabs welded to the reverse face of the liner will attach directly to the carpet panels.
  • Attach the remainder of the side panels with the self-adhesive loop fasteners, cutting lengths to suit.


  • Use the self-adhesive loop fastener to attach the back panel to the tailgate plate.

Optional extras


  • Fit bootliner
  • Attach the Bumper Flap to the loop fastener strip that has been manufactured into the base of the boot liner.
  • The Bumper Flap either folds into the vehicle OR can be detached and stored elsewhere when you close the tailgate.
  • Please note that the edges of the fabric are not bound so that any mud, dirt or water can run off.


  • The Seat flap is designed to protect the top of your rear seat giving additional protection from drooling dogs etc.
  • The Seat Flap can also be used in conjunction with the Rear Plus Option(s). With the rear seats in the folded position the Seat Flap extends the coverage over any exposed section of the seat backs and the headrests
  • Attach the Seat Flap to the loop fastener strip that has been manufactured into the Boot Liner just below the top of the rear seats.
  • The flap is then placed over the rear head rests and down the back of the passenger seats.
  • If the Seat Flap sits over large headrests and obstructs your rear view: carefully create openings in the flap to accommodate the headrest posts.


  • Use the self-adhesive loop fastener tabs to attach the cover to the plastic trim. BUMPER FLAP